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Roberto is a long time hippy who was brought up in Latin America and, since 1985, lives on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I play the Flute, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Steel Drum, Percussion, and any other instrument I can get his hands on. I even try singing upon occasion. I have produced 7 Albums of my own (Besides 3 Casette tapes (Dragonflower, 1983, Flautus Lectricus, 1986, and Bonobo Dreams, 1987). My first recording project was a training tape for the UC Berkeley (and eventually the US Olympic) Rowing team in 1982 (ROWING TRAINING TAPE). They won the Gold Medal....It started a lifetime obsession with recording that has carried theough to this day. I have had a recording studio since the 80's, and have recorded 13 Albums of other peoples music besides my own for our Cooperative Record Label, Discos Atitlan. I have played in myriad bands through the years, including various versions of "Mambo Balam". Since 2001 I have produced 15 versions of Festival Atitlan, an International Music and Arts Festival that we celebrate almost yearly on Lake Atitlan. I also run Radio Festival Atitlan, which is a non commercial internet station playing live recordings from the festival and music recorded in the studio by musicians who are part of the Festival Atitlan family. In 2019 I have started the "Peña Luz" project, which is a plan for a privately owned Cultural Center here in Santiago Atitlan.

And am currently playing with two, a very sweet Latin Jazz band called "Arpa", with Patrice Fisher on Harp, Carlos Valladares on Percussion, and Fran Kosinsky on keyboards, along with other guest musicians. We played at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2018.

And a Progressive psychedelic group called "Canopus" in Guatemala

Heres a video of the old Mambo Balam Band, with Tim Silven, Jacoba Epstein, Kike Altan, and myself

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